• Who We Are

    We are here to offer you a range of beautiful gifts for those you love.

    Siobhán Kavanagh-Loakman

    Siobhán is a wife and a mother of three children. She is a qualified fitness instructor, beauty and holistic massage therapist and social care worker. By nature, Siobhán is a very creative individual and during her studies for her B.A. (Hons) in Applied Social Studies, she had the opportunity to explore her creative side when working with her own children and adults with intellectual disabilities and dementia. She engaged with these individuals through different forms of art therapy. Through these interactions, Siobhán further developed her artistic skills and has decided to pursue her creative abilities by crafting individual handmade and hand-painted pieces in her craft gift range.​

  • What We Do

    We create a variety of Handmade Plaques and Handmade Clocks for every occasion and exclusively paint beautiful ceramic craft gifts for children.

    All bisque ceramics are individually hand-painted by Siobhán. A selection of colours may be used to make each gift unique for that special individual.

    Products from our Range - Handmade Plaques for every occasion. Handmade Clocks. Hand-painted decorative Money Banks and Tealights.

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    Please contact us for further information on all our products. Your feedback is always welcome,

    so please, let us know what you think.